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Women Leaders in sport

Women Leaders in Sport Workshop
Women in sport, leadership

Women in Sport, from Coach Julie

I'm excited to share with the Hungry Runner community that my application to be part of the Australian Sports Commissions Women Leaders in Sport Workshops was successful. I attended weekly sessions for 7 weeks from 20 April to 1 June and continue to attend ongoing workshops. I would like to share my experience so far with you all.

Below are the key learnings/main points from each week:

Week 1: Me as a leader

• Build capacity in others (don't do, instead show) to avoid learned helplessness

• Learn to understand the needs of others (and how to adapt your leadership style accordingly)

• Leadership is not a "role" (it does not have to be job description/title), you can lead regardless of your position in an organisation

Week 2: Building self-awareness

• Management vs Leadership

• Emotional intelligence includes self and social awareness AND self and social management

• It's important to de-escalate (don't be emotionally charged) e.g., Paramedics

• Reflect to learn, not to regret

Week 3: Self-management

• ESIP – use to elevate conversations

o Environment (vision, mission, culture, purpose) – direction

o Systems (legal, rules, code of conduct)

o Implementation (resources needed)

o Personal (what do we think – buy in)

• Good leader = ALL ESIP

• Turn values (ES) into behaviours (IP)

• Prioritise To Do List – delegate, dump, do

• Be strategic about what you value e.g., plate spinner

Week 4: Working with others

• Bold intro – use for cover letter (or send video), LinkedIn

• Stay in someone else’s moment

• People don’t under perform on purpose – performance management

• Culture = performance

• Mazlo’s needs

Week 5: Engaging and influencing Others

• Active listening – look for “hooks”

• Perspective taking (tools – love, like, live, loathe or fist/1 to 5), build consensus, all voices heard

Week 6: Leading culture

• Recruitment is expensive, keep the people you have

• Learn about your team and what motivates them

• Don’t talk “around” people talk to the person about the problem (encourage conversation or be the mediator)

• Slow down, be intentional about culture

• Values – make them visible as behaviours (not posters)

Week 7: Leading with courage and curiosity

• Is what I am doing right now good for me?

• Build your own board, mentors for:

o Questioning

o Pushing you

o Content

• Do what you say you’ll do, when you say you’ll do it

• Conversations worth having (rather than “difficult”)


o Challenge (curiosity) – Why not? Wording of questions – productive not depreciative

o Influence – What if? Bring people on board, take them the direction you want to go

o Accept – How could? Accept things you can’t change

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