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How do we intake new runners?

You are thinking of getting coaching from us or want to know more about our training philosophy?

Make contact with us, one of our coaches will reply within 24 hr to organise a consult over the phone, on whats-app or in person. This consult is a great opportunity to meet and decide if we want to work together!

To contact us, scroll down our main page to the contact form:

Step 1: Set up

After your consult, we will email you a form to get more details about you. We will also guide you through the creation of your Training Peaks account and how to link your devices to auto sync. At this stage we will also set up a monthly payment using Paypal or bank transfers.

Learn more about training peaks:

Your Training Peaks account

Training Peaks is an application that allows our coaches & athletes to connect securely and easily. On your Training Peaks account you will find your training log, calendar and all of your scheduled and completed workouts. You will see a tally of your daily, weekly, monthly & yearly mileages, duration, personal bests, along with a host of cutting edge analytic tools to measure your fitness, fatigue level and progress. Your Coach will have full access to your training calendar for easy scheduling, analysis and feedback of your completed workouts. This is where you will upload your workouts and indicate whether a workout was completed or not. Note: This application has a free version and a premium version. The premium version is included in some of our training program options.

Step 2: Long term planning

Once we have all the necessary information we will build a plan towards your events and goals. This plan will be discussed to make sure we both agree on the strategy and the expected results

Step 3: Your first training program

We can now get you started with your training program. We make your program on a weekly basis which is usually posted on Friday.

Step 4: Ongoing communication

A good coaching relationship needs communication! We want to know as much as we can. - We encourage you to leave comments after your sessions and debrief after events. We will comment back when appropriate. - We are available through email or phone for questions or adjustments to your plan. - We email you regularly to get more detailed updates on how you are doing with training.

Step 5: Our more advanced training packs

At Hungry Runner we offer training packs for athletes that want more feedback and want to go further than training programs. Our Ultimate pack: on top of the programming we include a premium Training Peak account, more feedback, general Strength and conditioning, yearly nutrition check. Our Racing pack: on top of the programming we include a premium Training Peak account, more feedback, advanced Strength and conditioning, nutrition check twice per year, race nutrition, advanced year planning.

Training Peaks Premium (Valued 19.95USD/month)

Basic vs Premium Benefits Basic vs Premium Log your training X X View workout and fitness summaries X X Track your equipment usage X X Track Peak Performances X X Plan future workouts X Calendar Sync with Outlook, Google... X Advanced Metrics and Charts X Analyse your fitness trends X Performance Management Chart X Make your numbers more accurate with data edit X

Strength and conditioning:

S&C is a very important component of endurance training. We tailor programs that will improve your skills in many ways, increase efficiency, build power, reduce injury risks and fine tune your racing preparation. We can make programs to suit both gym and home settings.

Nutrition & Race nutrition:

Your coaches will offer regular nutritional checks to make sure your diets suits the demands of endurance sports and of your training cycles. We will also give you the tools to select and plan your race nutrition. Race nutrition is important component of long endurance events and needs to practiced and mastered.


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