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OUR running & Trail running coaching team

Sidney WILLIS : Founder, Head Coach

I have always loved sports and this love grew as I got older. When I was a teenager, I played tennis at national level and then switched to outdoor sports such as rock climbing and trail running. I have performed in many road and mountain races throughout Europe and Australia, from 10km to 100km ultra’s, which especially fuelled my passion for steep mountains.

I love training and have great eye for detail, so in 2015 I created Hungry Runner to coach fellow sport enthusiasts. Since then, I have coached over 200 athletes, from fun runner to top performer. My coaching style is highly collaborative and follows recent developments in sport science.
I believe that a great coaching experience is based on quality coach/athlete collaboration, training individualisation, and a strong science-based program. To further my knowledge, performance analysis and sports science, and to offer the highest level of coaching to my athletes, I am currently studying for a master’s degree in high performance sports at UTS.

Some of my racing experience is visible HERE

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Julie brunker : Coach

A believer in living life to the fullest, I’ve always made health and fitness a priority.  Hockey, running, touch football, surfboat rowing, boxing, pilates and yoga are just some of the sports I’ve participated in.  I think it’s important to find something you enjoy and can do consistently.  Most recently for me that’s been trail running, it truly is my happy place, stunning sunsets and great company are definite highlights.

Having been a tutor, personal trainer, half marathon pacer and now a teacher, it seems I have a predilection for supporting others to realise their potential.  From beginners to runners wanting to add some structure with an individualised program I look forward to working with you and celebrating together when you achieve your goals.
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Michelle Murphy Hungry Runner portrait.JPG
Michelle murphy: Coach

I've always been a runner, ever since I can remember. When I was 8 I was running cross-country for my state and later I was representing my high school in track and field. During my teenage years I explored different sports and came back to the trails after travelling throughout my mid 20’s. It is also when I discovered obstacle racing, which I raced for few years. I then ditched the obstacles and kept the trails - Happy to leave those burpees behind! 

Since then I’ve completed many local races and achieved so much including my first 100km at Blackall in 2019.  I LOVE all things outdoors and believe running is for everyone - my passion is sharing the magic of running. 

I’m a super positive, glass is always half full kinda person and will always be that voice of encouragement to get you further than you thought you could go.  From the beginners not sure where to start to those wanting develop their running in to something more, I’m here to help you find your why!

Fun fact - I’m an Outdoor Recreation Leader for kids and the big kid in all of us (I’m also early childhood qualified).
Dane Lennon : Coach

I've always enjoyed running from an early age, and as an adult I become a bit of a weekend warrior, using running as an extension to hiking and adventuring - my passion is trail running! After realising I needed some running friends, I found Hungry Runners and joined them on a 20k lap around Pallerenda. As soon as I saw the speed and endurance of the other runners, I knew I wanted to be more like them and began to take my training more seriously. After several years of dedication, I have now decided to turn my passion for running into a career helping others achieve their own running goals and I'm excited to see you reach your full potential!!!
What sets me apart is my analytical mind (I'm a computer systems engineer by day) and I love data analysis. With me as your coach, you can expect a results-driven approach to training that takes into account your unique abilities and goals. I'll be as relaxed or as serious as you want and work with you to develop a plan that works best for you, so you can achieve your personal best and reach your running goals. Whether you are looking to run your first 5k or complete that 50km ultra, I want to help you succeed.

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reagen sully: Coach

My love for adventure began at a very early age; being a wild-child at heart. The feeling of freedom saw me fall in love with running (and many a mile has been covered since the day of a secondary school cross country campion to having a bubba in tow!). Over the years I’ve been fortunate enough to compete in many races but the ultimate highs for me have come while on the trails: from Europe to the Scottish Highlands and right here in our beautifully vast country. A yearning to share and bask in this feeling with others lead me to Hungry Runner: a group that seeks out fun, nurtures runners of all abilities and helps them to achieve their goals!

With a passion for life and fitness, a degree in Health Science and Post Graduate qualification in Cardiac and Respiratory Physiology, I want to help others uncover (or rekindle!) their love for running. I am especially passionate about women’s health and postpartum fitness. I will implement my knowledge and experience to offer programs tailored specifically to accomplish your goals whiling gaining confidence along the way!
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