Sidney WILLIS : Founder, Head Coach

I am an Australian Frenchy with a passion for endurance sports. I have played tennis during my childhood at national level, I switched sports to get strong in rock climbing and enjoyed discovering amazing cliffs all over France. The love for mountains made me start trail running, which has taken some slightly obsessive features over the years. I have performed in many road and mountain races throughout Europe and Australia, from 10km distance up to 100km ultra’s. My passion for sports and eye for detail made me start coaching fellow sport enthusiasts. I have always been passionate about training and love to help people reach their goals, I use my skills and experience to offer personalised training programs that suit you and your goals. I work with versatile runners, from the fun runner to the high performer runner.

I also work as a Remedial massage therapist at The Physio Movement in Townsville.

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Sidney Willis Hungry Runner coaching
Daniel Lucas Hungry Runner Coach
Daniel LUCAS: senior Coach

I came to love running by accident, when a trip to the podiatrist turned out to the beginning of the end of life as I knew it. Four years on, with an incredible coach (Mr. Hungry Running himself) I am smashing goals, trails and toenails all over Australia. I seem to have a particular taste (and maybe even talent?!) for taking out third place in Ultratrails – Blackall 100 and Brisbane Trail Ultra 110 most recently, with sights set on UTA50 and Italy’s Lavaredo 120 in 2020. On the weekends you’ll find me pushing my daughter on 4-hour pram runs or up Douglas trails on the MTB, she’s my number one support crew. Through the week you’ll find me training day or night in any weather. My love of training and the outdoors, and drive to push beyond what I once didn’t consider possible inspired me to coach others, to encourage you to discover this love, challenge and opportunity for yourself. Whether you’re a seasoned athlete or doing your first 5 or 50km, I offer individual training to support you achieve your goals.

Julie brunker : Coach

A believer in living life to the fullest, I’ve always made health and fitness a priority.  Hockey, running, touch football, surfboat rowing, boxing, pilates and yoga are just some of the sports I’ve participated in.  I think it’s important to find something you enjoy and can do consistently.  Most recently for me that’s been trail running, it truly is my happy place, stunning sunsets and great company are definite highlights.

Having been a tutor, personal trainer, half marathon pacer and now a teacher, it seems I have a predilection for supporting others to realise their potential.  From beginners to runners wanting to add some structure with an individualised program I look forward to working with you and celebrating together when you achieve your goals.

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Michelle murphy: Coach

I've always been a runner, ever since I can remember. When I was 8 I was running cross-country for my state and later I was representing my high school in track and field. During my teenage years I explored different sports and came back to the trails after travelling throughout my mid 20’s. It is also when I discovered obstacle racing, which I raced for few years. I then ditched the obstacles and kept the trails - Happy to leave those burpees behind! 

Since then I’ve completed many local races and achieved so much including my first 100km at Blackall in 2019.  I LOVE all things outdoors and believe running is for everyone - my passion is sharing the magic of running. 

I’m a super positive, glass is always half full kinda person and will always be that voice of encouragement to get you further than you thought you could go.  From the beginners not sure where to start to those wanting develop their running in to something more, I’m here to help you find your why!

Fun fact - I’m an Outdoor Recreation Leader for kids and the big kid in all of us (I’m also early childhood qualified). 

Mark Pyers : Coach

I got my first haul of medals at little athletics when I was 10, I was so thrilled with my achievements and from there, my competitive spirit grew through dinghy sailing, tasting success in local, regional, state & national titles. In high school I also added cross country running, athletics and rugby union to my activity list, representing North Queensland at times.

In 2009 I came back to running, aiming to run the Sydney City to Surf to fund raise for a children’s charity, while training I encountered some lower back problems and was told I wouldn’t be able to continue running. However, being very persistent I kept at it and in 2011 I realised this goal. I sought alternate ways and solutions to keep running and after that City to Surf, found my way into trail

 running. It was after stumbling across a clip of the 2018 Western States 100 I became motivated to become an ultra-trail runner. I was inspired by people setting themselves these incredible challenges and the journeys they experienced achieving their goals. In 2019 I ran the UTA-50 at Katoomba and I have completed a few 50k ultras since. I am excited to help people hone their love of running and grow as athletes. More than anything I want to help people succeed in their personal challenges and exceed their expectations.