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Weekend Adventures with Coach Michelle

Sunday's are for long runs, and today's location was a 5am start on the soft beach along the scenic coastline from Pallarenda Beach to Shelly Beach via Shelly Cove.

I know you're thinking 5am NO WAY!

But trust me, you don't want to miss the sunrise!

This is definitely a run you'll have to prepare for. You'll need to check the tides, and make sure they're going to be low enough to make it around the rocks on the coastline. Be prepared to get your feet wet!

As you make your way around the coastline you'll be greeted by a very big smiley face (some very creative rock spray-painting) and some muddy sand areas so take your time out here.

As you continue, you'll begin to see your rocky destination which is the end of the beach running. Once you get there, make sure you have a good look around the rocks and find the Julie Howard memorial plaque.

Here you should take your obligatory pic and continue along the sand heading up in to the park area on a more defined fire trail called Shelly beach trail. Keeping left along this trail along and you'll come to a junction with Smedley's trail on right. Keep on the same trail and head all the way around the base of Under the Radar Trail (UTR) on your left.

Once you hit the big gate that's usually closed and locked, so just go around it and continue on because you're on the home run now! The trail turns in to the Lagoon trail and is easy running from there to the big gates opposite the Walter Nisbet Park.


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