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Hungry Runner Virtual run series, the third course is up! It is a short but tough course that will demand good pacing skills. You need to keep some energy to manage the last 500m!

As for previous editions, anyone can participate, even if you are not part of the group. You have the month of July to run the course. At the end of July we will check the Strava leaderboard. More details here:

This course starts at Castle hill lower car park (on the island in the middle of the parking), you will go up Cutheringa trail until the junction with the goat track. At the junction you will go down the lower part of the goat track until you reach the road (hillside cr), this is where you need to pay close attention to the course. From Hillside Cr you will then take the shortcut that leads to Stanton ter, continue until you are back on Castle hill road. Then run up to the lower parking where you will finish you circuit.


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