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Running & trail running Coaching

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At Hungry Runner we offer running and trail running coaching. Our experienced coaches build online training programs that suit all level of athletes, from beginners to experienced. 

For our Townsville based athletes we organise running group sessions and running camps.

Science based training

Coaching is quality training combined with great support
Set Goals
Train Smart

Come with your goals or let us help you build a racing/event calendar.

We plan your training volume and intensity to get great results and keep you injury free.

 Varied quality workouts will bring you long term gains and lots of fun.

Reach your goals and be a happy and Hungry athlete

Train Smart

Meet our coaching team

Julie Trail Running coaching Townsville Australia


Sidney Running and trail running Coach


Dane Running and trail running Coach


Running and trail running Coaching

From your local trail run event to ultras and multi day races. We help you to get ready for one of the most demanding sport out there.

At Hungry Runner we love running. we can guide towards a Personal best, from your local 5km parkrun to the marathon distance.

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Whatsapp or call Sidney on 04 36 485 900 or use the contact form.

We are based in Townsville Queensland, we train local and international athletes .

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