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Race update: Maggie trail, Sunshine coast trail, Mt Mee half, Gladiator glasshouse

I am a bit late on the race results! There has been such amazing results in May!

On may 22 we had our local trail run event on Magnetic Island, held by Outer Limits. Such an amazing location to run hard on some great technical trails!

On the 6km:

Glenn 1st Male in 37:19

Andrew 2nd Male in 38:03

Kate 13th Female in 58:13

Emma (with Dane) 48th Female in 1hr11

Cooper and Aaron 17th Junior in 1hr11

On the 12km:

Sidney 1st Male in 1hr00

Kate 2nd Female in 1hr17

Michelle 7th Female in 1hr22

Louise 8th Female in 1hr23

Robin 22nd Female in 1hr32

Blaire 61st Female in 1hr48

On the 20km:

Clint 5th Male in 1hr51

Ben 13th Male in 2hr05

Julie 2nd Female in 2hr13

James 18th Male in 2hr14

Lisa 5th Female in 2hr23

Krystal 10th Female 2hr42

Anthony 44th Male in 2hr46

Saturday 29/05, Karen raced the Sunshine Coast trail run Half Marathon. She managed a great run and finished strong! She ranked 2nd in age group and 6th Female. Well done!!!

20.5km with 200m gain in 1hr56

Sunday 30/05, Samuel raced his first trail run event, the Mt Mee half marathon. He nailed his pacing strategy to finish 15th in a time of 2hr21.

21.5km with 650m gain.

The same day Lynn raced The Gladiator Glasshouse 15km, she had an amazing run and finished 3rd in her age group and 13th Female!

15km 220m gain in 1hr58


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