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Coros Pace 2 - Watch Review

COROS Pace 2 sports watch

Rating: 5 out of 5

A review from Sidney, after 2 months of use.

Since the start of the year I was complaining about my running watch, mostly because the battery life was reducing and I just wanted a change! So I started hunting for a replacement ⌚, I thought I would find one rapidly, but I got confused by an overly competitive market!

After a month or two of reflection, I clarified what I wanted from a watch... Be reliable, durable, light, give me a reasonable amount of data and not be too expensive.

After a conversation with Dane, our Hungry Runner gear lover, I looked into the brand Coros, which I admit I had never heard of. I read lots of reviews and decided to buy the PACE 2 model. It is the lightest gps watch on the market, has a huge battery life, has running power and looks nice.


The price is pretty unbeatable, RRP is $329. Very affordable for a gps watch.


It was difficult to find a sports watch that I could wear outside of a sports environment because good looking sports watches are very chunky, heavy and expensive.

However this is Coros pace 2 filled in the gap, it is a good looking lightweight watch for a competitive price.The only negative I have to say about this watch is that it has a bit of a plastic look, yet I happily wear it daily although perhaps not for a dressed up event.

Data/GPS accuracy:

In this price range this is where the Coros pace 2 stands out. It has all the data that you want just like top priced watches. It evens has running Power, which I find very useful to measure efficiency. The only downside could be for trail aventures, as the Pace 2 does not include maps.

The GPS accuracy is excellent, I have had no issues with it unlike other watches I have owned. You also have a "athletics track" mode, which is very handy as your watch understands you are running around a 400m track.

Durability/Battery life:

I wear my watch most days and after 2 months of use the watch is as new. It has no scratches and the mat finish of the plastic does no wear out. I chose the white model which I expected it to get very dirty, but it does not.

In terms of battery life, it is huge! I have been charging it every second week while using it every day.


The Coros Pace 2 is a great watch, it is light, has all the data you need and at a very competitive price. It is a great choice if you want a watch dedicated for running. At this price point it is a great buy and I recommend it over any other watch in this price range. I am very happy with this buy and enjoy this ultra light watch!

You can find more details on Coros website:

You can buy Coros products at Intersport in Townsville or online directly on Coros website.


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