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Race Update: First races of 2017

First race update of 2017! We did not have to wait long for our first race update, it sets the mood for a great year!

After some time off at the end of the year, Michael took the challenge of the Egmond Half marathon, known as the toughest half marathon in the Netherlands. The race conditions did not fail to the reputation, it was a very cold day. Michael managed a very strong finish, which is a great indicator for 2017.

Result: 1hr42 ranking 1355 out of 8670 (I did not find the category ranking)

For more informations on the race:

In France we had Agathe racing a 5.5km cross, she is a 22yo frenchy very new in the Hungry Runner family, she makes a remarkable entrance, winning her age group. Congratulations!

Result: 00:22:18, 1st "espoir" 5ft female

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