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My Hungry Runner story

I often write about all of you and share your success stories. But this time, I will write about myself and my plans for the future. I do not always express my feelings about racing, as I am shy to talk about them. I like to keep them private, so I do not feel any pressure from people around me.

During the last few years, I have been focusing mainly on running ultra’s. Somehow, long distances attract me more than shorter races. Maybe it is because I get a bigger feeling of accomplishment when I cross the finish line of an ultra. But also, I like the feeling when I reach the half way mark. It is a very double feeling. I am excited, because from there on, it is a countdown to the finish, but I am also anxious, because there is more uncertainty during this second half. It is here that I start to feel that I am in control of my efforts, or that the distance is taking control over me. I go through this rollercoaster of emotions and I have to overcome a lot of physical struggle to reach the finish line. But once I’ve reached it, the reward is great…

Last year, my races either went pretty good or pretty shitty... Because of that, I struggled for a few months to get my motivation back. But now I am Hungry to get faster and stronger! I have new goals that motivate me.

In the next months, I will write more about what I do to achieve better results. I will write about how I shape my training to reach my goals and how I work on my strengths and weaknesses. But also, I will write more about the little stuff, you know, the stuff on the side that might give me that little extra. I do not write about all that to serve my ego, but to share a story. My Hungry Runner story.

So, here is my race calendar for 2016 with grades of importance (A being the most important and C being the least important):

  • July 17: Airlie Half Marathon (C)

  • August 14: Cairns to Port Douglas 64km (C)

  • September 11: Whitsundays trail run 56km (B)

  • End of October: 100km ultratrail (A)

Good memories from some of my last races:

Ultra trail Australia 2016:

Tarawera Ultra trail 2016:

Surf Coast Century Ultra trail 2015:

Trail de la Riviera Francaise 2015:

Lavaredo Ultra Trail 2015:

Ultra Trail Australia 2015:

Great Barrier Reef Ultra 2014:

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