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Race Update: Guzzler, Weipa run fest, TSV run fest

Two big weeks of running for the Hungry Runners! From a 35min 10km road run to a 22hr ultra trail efforts, this team does it all!

On the week end of the 24-25/07 we had a few races:

- Justin got second at the Weipa H-M (mix of road, dirt, sand and heat!) 01hr56. Huge result, your months of consistent hard work were worth it!

- Amy did a MONSTER effort, she finished the Guzzler 100km in 21hr55. Amy, I hope this run will help you realize your tenacity and mental endurance is way higher than you think!

- Lynn is back, she ran the 21km Guzzler in 3hr and finish 202nd


On the week end of the 31/07 - 01/08 we had the TSV run fest:

On the 10km:

- Clint managed a great race and a PB, finishing 4th in 35:15

- Dan got a PB and finished 7th in 36:33

- Glenn got a PB and finished 10th in 38:06

- Sid is better of running with a pram, he finished 15th in 40:50

- Emma did her first 10km race and finished 127th in 1hr04, well done!!!!!

On the Half Marathon:

- Ed just back from 2weeks of field work (without being able to run) managed to finish 24th in 01hr36, impressive!

- Sarah had a great run and finished 10th in 01hr42

- Aaron managed to break the 2hr mark finishing 103rd in 01hr59!!

On the Marathon:

- Krystal had an amazing run, she was initially registered to GC marathon, as the event got cancelled she decided to race TSV which is a tough choice to make. She managed an excellent run, finishing 6th in 3hr38

Well done everyone!


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