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Race Results: Outer Limits Pallarenda

Outer Limits Pallarenda was a busy race as it is every year, it is great to see so many runners out there! The 12km and 21km runners were forced to take a fast start to avoid a queue up Mt Marlow!

We had many last minute race changes with Cairns events cancelled, it was great to be able to gather at a local event to race. Hungry Runners did amazing over all distances and stood on many podiums! Well done everyone.


Anthony 16th male in 00:26:46

Kate 10th Female 00:28:34

Emma 29th 00:34:10


Sidney 1st in 01:03:09

Rickie 17th male 01:19:12

Kate 5th female 01:20:20

Marty 37th male 01:27:16

Michelle 10th female 01:27:23

Lilly 12th female 01:27:52

Liz 13th female 01:28:08

Louise 16th female 01:31:46

Jill 32nd Female 01:32:02

Elise 73rd Female in 02:26:45


Glenn 1st 01:45:08

Julie 1st female 02:09:48

Adrian 17th male 02:16:39

Lisa 5th female 02:25:07

Aaron 36th male 03:02:14


Clint 2nd male 03:33:36

Mick 5th male 04:12:21

James 8th male 04:38:16

Peter 13th male 05:20:27

I hope I forgot no one in the list of results, there were many names to scroll through!


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