Michael : Ultimate Pack
Lynn :  Premium Pack
Coaching Running Michael

"Just to let you know that today I ran a new personal best."

"This is very fast. I am amazed. Thanks for all the advice!"

"a fat PB as well. Thank you, coach!! :-)"

Coaching Runner Lynn

"Sidney is a very informative trainer with easy instructions, each workout session is varied and challenges your level of ability to ensure you are working towards your goals, a pre set weekly easy to understand online training schedule and nutrition advise to help you achieve your goals. In five months I've ran my first half marathon and now with sid's help we are working towards other events and goals"

Anita : Personal Training
Coaching triathlon Anita

"I would like to give Sidney Willis my highest recommendations. He demonstrates genuine interest in my training needs and goals by developing an individual program designed to help me achieve my best. His happy demeanour coupled with a quiet yet always encouraging approach has me achieving goals I never thought possible! Thanks Sid you are an awesome coach."

Michael : Ultimate Pack
Trail running coaching

"I’ve just started training with Sid to prepare my first marathon. Being very busy I like the simplicity of online coaching, Sid adapts my training program to my schedule. By combining high intensity workouts with lower intensity ones I not only feel that I am getting a stronger runner, I also feel rested and get to enjoy more time spent with my family and friends.”