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Race update: Gold Coast Virtual race

As we all know last week got disrupted by a Lockdown in some areas of QLD, which led to the cancellation of GC Marathon. A few Hungry Runners were registered and ready to race, this is when the Hungry Runner community got together to organise a GC virtual marathon in Townsville.

Daniel and Sidney drew a 10km lap on the road that follows the Dam wall as it is a flat stretch of road without to much traffic. It usually is a great place to achieve fast runs, Sunday was an exception as the wind got stronger and stronger through the morning and made the second half of the run very intense! It anyway did not stop our Hungry Runners who achieved great times!!!

For us coaches it was amazing to be part of your day!

We also want to thank all the runners that came to pace, motivate and support, it was an inspiring day. Thank you!

GC virtual Marathon:

Clint ran like a beast and managed a huge result, 2hr42.47

Ed stayed mentally and physically strong through his marathon to get his target time of 03hr06.08

Amy looked solid all the way and finished in 4hr11.16

Bec used all the mental strength she had to finish her marathon! 4hr35.18

GC virtual Half-Marathon:

Coach Daniel did a "training Half" in 01hr20.49

Belinda managed a great time, 1hr53.01

Ellen managed her sub 2hr for the Half Marathon, 1hr58.31


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