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Race Debrief

Hi team,

For a few months, we have been using the race debrief form to help you structure your thoughts around your latest event. This form allows you and your coach to make a deeper review of how and why the race unfolded the way it did. While we all spend countless hours training for events and goals, we rarely take more than a few minutes to analyze our hardest efforts. You perform well or poorly for a reason!

Ask yourself:

Why did I do well? And how can I repeat this performance?

Why did I perform poorly? And what can I learn from this experience?

Recommendations regarding the form:

- Fill it within 48h of the race

- Analyse the data: have your activity open in Training peaks and look at measurable data

- Think about how you felt at different stages of the race.

- Compare your race feelings with the data you analysed

The Form:

(Rename the form as suggested on the file)

Debrief -Name- race - month - year
Download DOCX • 13KB

Thank you!


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