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Paluma trail run 2021

Big Sunday for the Hungry Runners, many of us were at the start of the 2021 Paluma trail run. Every year it seems like we get surprised by how tough the course is, which makes the finish line moments so great!

We had some great results, many PBs, podiums and smiles. Well done everyone!

On the 20km:

Glenn, 2nd Male in 1h56

Mick, 8th Male in 2h13

Peter, 11th Male in 2h22

Julie, 3rd Female in 2h28

James, 16th Male 2h33

Stacy, 18th Male in 2h41

Carl, 22nd Male in 2h45

Liz, 6th Female in 2h46

Aaron, 36th Male 3h42

On the 10km:

Clinton, 2nd male in 1h15

Montanna, 1st Female in 1h18

Sid, 6th male in 1h18

Kate, 3rd Female in 1h34

Michelle, 6th Female in 1h40

Belinda, 9th Female in 1h46

Daniel, 29th male in 1h49

Rebecca, 13th Female in 1h50

Emma, 38th Female in 2h43

On the 6km:

Andrew, 1st male in 28min

Kate, 9th female in 43min

Anthony, 19th male in 44min

Some Pictures:


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