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Nike react miler 2 - Gear Review

The ideal training shoe?

A review by Sid

Rating: 4 out of 5 shoe

Is the Nike React Miler the best training shoe? If you want one pair that does it all you should give it a try!

I have always enjoyed the Nike Pegasus as road running training shoe. In fact, it was the first running shoe I ever owned. Up until now the Nike Pegasus was a very all-round shoe, but the latest model is lighter and offers less control. Therefore I wanted to try another model with more stability. I still use a pair of Pegasus for my short interval sessions because they are dynamic, but for my long runs and more demanding tempo runs I want a more protective shoe. Meet the Nike React Miller!

Nike advertised the React Miler as a tougher shoe built for endurance, so I ordered a pair to give them a try (they were on sale too!). I enjoyed the shoe from the first run and decided to order another pair the week after (they were still on sale)! I have been wearing the React Miler 2 for my steady runs, tempo runs and long runs. I actually find the React Miler similar to the older version of Pegasus, because just like the old Pegasus, the React Miller is well cushioned and offers lots of stability.


The React Miler is a shoe built to last. The upper layer is very resistant to wear and the sole has a good layer of rubber. I discarded my previous pair after about 700km (which is a lot for me). The upper (fabric) layer of the shoe was still as new after 700km of running and while the rubber was worn in different areas, the shoe did not lose much of its shape.


This shoe is very comfortable. It has a wide toe box which prevents compressed toes and blisters. The lacing area is quite short but enough for your foot to be well maintained. The React Miler offers a lot of stability mostly because of a reinforced heel cup, that keeps your heel firmly maintained (which also increased the comfort for me).

In terms of cushioning, the heel area is very cushioned while the forefoot is quite firm. Even if this shoe is build for endurance it keeps a dynamic feel.


It fits as all Nike shoes, very standard sizing.


The pricing is great, $190 full price which is only $10 more than the Pegasus. You can often find them on sale. The ones I bought on sale were only $119!


The Nike React Miler is a great training shoe! It is durable and stable and can handle many long runs while still feeling dynamic enough for your interval sessions. If you want a shoe that does it all it is a great pick!


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