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Hungry Runner Virtual Series 2022

We are pleased to launch the Hungry Runner Virtual Series 2022. Our goal is to give Townsville runners the opportunity to regularly test themselves on different running courses. Each race will be different. Some races will be flat, others will be hilly. Some races are more like an urban trail while others are only on dirt trails. We hope that this will challenge runners to run on terrains that they are more or less adapted to. Furthermore, each race is designed by a different runner from the Hungry Runner group. So maybe you will discover new paths through Townville city or Castle Hill!

Everyone is welcome to participate, you do not need to be a Hungry Runner! Also, there is no registration and it is free.

5 Virtual Races through the year and a general classification

You will be ranked for each Virtual Race in the month the specific race opens. We will use Strava segments for the rankings. In addition there will be a general classification with your accumulated fastest overall time for all the races.

Ranking for each Virtual Race

For each race you will have one month to clock your fastest time. You can run it as many times as you want within that month. We will take your fastest time for the ranking. We will have rewards for the first 3 males and females for every virtual race! Prizes will be awarded during a Hungry Runner group run the week following the virtual race.

Ranking for the general classification:

For the General Classification, you can run the races any time through the year to clock your fastest time! It doesn't matter if the Virtual Race already took place. All the race maps are available with this post. So you can run the races at any time of the year to register a time or better your time. However, to be ranked on the General Classification, you will need to run all the courses! The deadline is December 1 2022! We will have great rewards for the first 3 males and females!

January, Race 1:

7km 254m elevation gain

March, Race 2:

8.3km flat

June, Race 3

8km 136m elevation gain:

August- September, Race 4

8km 127m elevation gain

October-November Race 5

4.8km 131m elevation gain (you have to complete 2 laps of 2.4km!)

Have a great 2022!


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