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Blackall 100 & Cambridge half

Busy week end for some Hungry Runners!

Amy, Clint and Sam all finished their 100km at Blackall100! Finishing a 100km is such a huge effort, well done to the 3 of you.

Clint ran with his friends and finished in 15:54:57 and ranked 83rd male. He loved the experience but is unsure he will repeat the distance :) road running and marathons stay his favorite!

Amy did not have the smoothest pre race however managed a great time, 17:34:39 finishing 33rd female. Amy improved last years time by 3hr30!!!! That is huge!! Well done :)

Sam ran his first 100km event, finishing in 18:40:36, 131st male. He was looking for a challenging goal and he faced the mental struggle he was after.

Enjoy some rest!

Far away from QLD heat, Luke raced the Cambridge half marathon and got a PB! 1:21:51 finishing 146 overall. This is such a great accomplishment as his year was focused on ultra distances and Luke suffered from a very stubborn Achilles injury.


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