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Be a Runner

Are you a novice runner who thinks that running is challenging and sometimes deflating? Does every step feel like an effort, whereas seasoned runners seem to float and move effortlessly? We often see beginners approach running as an individual journey. Joining a running group feels daunting and getting a coach seems reserved for elite athletes. Let me stop you right there!

At Hungry Runner, we have experienced coaches that specialise in supporting and motivating novice runners. Our coaches will assist you to set clear, attainable goals and guide you towards achieving them. Throughout this process you will learn about the demands of running and establish strategies to continually improve, resulting in enjoying every step of your run! Join our 13 week "be a runner" course commencing Sunday 5 September and reap all the benefits that running with a group has to offer.

We thank Daina Clark for the support she is giving us. Daina is the podiatrist at Townsville Podiatry and is the mastermind of Destination Adventure. Daina has helped many Hungry Runners with their podiatry related injuries, and as an adventurer has organized many yoga, running and adventure retreats as well as the great Island Trek.

Read more about Townsville podiatry:

Read more about Destination Adventure:

What's included:

- A community:

You will be part of a network of like minded runners. It is the best way to share amazing moments, stay motivated, find running partners, ask questions...the benefits are endless!

Being part of a group will help you every step of the way, and create memories.

- Training:

Training program: Through Training Peaks, each week you will receive a training program including your weekly workouts, built specifically towards your race distance.


opt for Premium Individualised coaching to get the most out of your training, read more HERE

- Group sessions: Tuesday session @ 5:45am

Bicentennial Park, Queens Road, Hermit Park, Townsville.

Park in the carpark next to the toilet block and meet on the grassed area nearby.

Thursday session @ 5:45am

Meeting at the wooden tables in front of the Fish Inn on The Strand near the Rockpool.

- 2 info nights:

Night 1 (intro evening): Sunday 5 September

Night 2: Self care and injury prevention.

Be a Runner Course Dates: 13 weeks

5 September - 5 December 2021

If you have questions or want to sign up please email us


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