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Race Update: Outer Limits Castle Hill Trail run

Another great Townsville event held by Outer Limits Fitness, Castle Hill trail run is Townsville first exciting trail running event of 2017. For it's second edition it was again very warm and sunny.

All the Hungry Runners showed great fitness and started the trail running season with a great performance, here are the results:

6km course:

Jill: 01:06, ranking 68 overall, 1st in her age group!

10km course:

Max: 01:16 ranking 22 overall, 8 A.G

Marty: 01:21 ranking 40 overall, 12 A.G

Rachel: 01:32 ranking 75 overall, 11 A.G

Kate: 01:37 ranking 75 overall, 17 A.G

Pictures bellow are available for purchase ($4) from Rusty Ink

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