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Running Strength and conditioning

Session 3, intermediate to advanced, 30min


2x 1min face plank /15s rest

4x 1min side plank (2x right and 2x left) / 15 rest


Warm up lunges: 3x 20  slow walking lunges / 30s rest

Step ups: 3x10 each leg (see video), 60secs rest

On high step or bench, with or without weights

Elevated single leg glute bridge: 3x10 each side (see video), 30 secs rest

Jump squats: 3x10 / 1min rest (see video)

With or without weights

Calf raises: (see video)

Straight leg: 3x12 each side / 30secs rest

Bent knee: 3x12 each side / 30secs rest