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From January 2023

Hungry Runner provides a great environment for athletic development. While the emphasis in the younger age groups should be about fun and participation, as the athletes get older, there are opportunities for development and competition, depending on the athlete’s interests. It is important that the level of activity, training, and competition is proportionate to the athlete’s chronological age and development stage.

Your coaches:

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Group Sessions

With two group sessions each week, we will focus on creating fun sessions oriented towards running development.


Each week will vary terrain between road and trails, to bring fun, variety, and discovery through running.  


The coaches will regularly attend local events, to support and motivate the team.

The training

This group is ideal if your child wants to improve their fitness and train for a school district, state and national cross country and track championships and other sports.  These are fun training sessions in a supportive and positive environments that includes running technique drills, speedwork and race strategies.  Our philosophy is to help kids learn the love of running while developing the skills they need to race, compete and play sport. 

Tuesday session

4:30-5:30pm: Running development

Jezzine Barracks (Army museum)

- Drills

- Running efforts

- Agility

Saturday session

7-8am: Endurance/Discovery run

Entrance of Queens Garden, Paxton st

- Longer run

- Running or Trail running


$20/yearly + $60/month (perm term)


- Qrun Insurance

- All sessions

- Coaching program when needed

- Possibility to join adult sessions (to discuss with a coach)


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frequently asked questions:

Children age?

While we initially wanted to focus on children of 12yrs or more, we are willing to include younger runners that show independence. Some sessions might involve running on open roads, have road crossings and runners might sometimes be out of sight from the running coach, we need to make sure each athlete is able to make safe choices. 


Where will the sessions be held?

While the location of sessions might sometimes vary to provide training variety (North Ward, West end mostly), most sessions will be held from Jezzine Barracks in North Ward.

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