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You want to start running and manage a 5 or 10km run? You don't know where to start, get injuries or are intimidated by fast running groups? Then now is the time to join us and start training for this special goal! Join the Hungry Runner "Be a runner" community and share kilometres, knowledge and fun! This beginners group is more than a program, It's a network of runners sharing their training journey all the way towards being able to run 5 or 10km. Together we get ready to enjoy every kilometre!

Training programs

Weekly training programs or individualised coaching. We will make every session count.

Info Nights

To get tips, discuss about injury prevention, pacing, goal settings...

Group Sessions

This program will allow you to train with like minded runners. It is also a way to be ready to join faster group sessions.

Training options

Training programs & group training

If you want to be part of the community but don’t want to commit to personalised coaching, this is the training option for you. You will receive a training program that will get you to your 5 or 10km goal. If you have any questions about your training, you can always email Michelle or Julie directly. And, of course, you get to join group sessions and info nights.

Price is $260 for 13 weeks ($20/week) 

Premium individualised coaching  

If you want to make every second count, get individualised training from one of our experienced coaches. Training is tailored to your ability, needs and running goals. You will be in direct contact with your coach and receive day to day feedback. And, of course, you get to join group sessions, info nights with the Hungry Runner community. Visit our coaching page for more information about this option. Price starts at $90/month.

If you already receive coaching from us and want to be part of this program? Contact your coach and jump on board.

Your coaches:

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Our Partners:

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